Adelina Sanchez Ramirez and Jana best in the MX Mafumet

Adelina Ramirez y Jana Sánchez las mejores en el MX de Mafumet

Adelina Ramirez won best fémina on both sleeves of the category MX125, Jana Sanchez mienras shone like only female in absolute MX85 getting eighth place.

The Motocross Championship of Catalonia Children and Féminas opened the season last weekend in La Pobla de Mafumet.

This championship has a female category in the form of MX125, participated in this category Cristina Moreno, Silvia Fernández, Aida Calero and Adelina Ramirez, who took the victory in both races and starts leading the championship season. On the podium accompanied Aida and Silvia.

In the category Youth MX85, had to Jana Sanchez as a female representative. The Catalan returned to ride the bike after a long injury and still finished 13th overall on both sleeves, being eighth in its class. In addition he also received his award for being the 4th best Kawasaki hands of Jordi Soriano Box Zero.

Adelina Ramirez: "I felt very comfortable on both sleeves. On the day of testing the circuit was spotless, but broke, potholes were made and dried for sleeves, since there have been many drivers entered. Touch improve a lot, but the positive is that each race you learn a little more ".

Jana Sanchez: "It was my first race after a long injury that has left me almost preseason without time to prepare for the race. I went out to run without clear where my level relative to others, but very eager. We took it easy workouts, 16th place but encouraged me to race. I started well on both sleeves, the first was very funny because I'm hooked on the head, something that in the second it was not to be and I rode alone. I am very happy with the result and even more when my father told me to be in Cáceres to contest the national ".

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Photos: J&C Photographer Racing

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