Maria Herrera, the first woman to win a race in the CEV

María Herrera, la primera mujer en ganar una carrera en el CEV

The pilot got Junior Team Estrella Galicia, last weekend at Motorland, his first win.

A victory that puts back into motorcycling history, because Mary has already made history in 2011 cuando se proclamó la primera campeona de la categoría de Pre-Moto3 en el Campeonato Mediterráneo de Velocidad, in this case regardless of sex, as it was the first year that category was created.

It is clear that there were victories before national. The first woman to win a race at national level was Charo García de la Barga in Spain Junior Championship 1979 Elena Rosell then the Kawasaki Ninja Cup in the 2009.

But this time, the protagonist is Maria Herrera, so, Here we leave you with an interview.

MEF: We review last year. First race, Sherry, by mechanical problems on the grill salts with the race track already begun. Second Career, Navarre, you fall and get injured scapula and still disputes the race. The rest of the season do timidly until it reaches the European. What happened María?

Mary: This is, in the European and I felt stronger. Si algo aprendí la pasada temporada es que las lesiones hay que dejarlas atrás. I gave too much thought to the situation and that made me not be the 100% on track

MEF: Mary, renew moto, Last year you were a Honda and this year, Official KTM what the differences are? How do you feel about the KTM?

Mary: Well I feel more comfortable. There is a lot of difference, the chassis is much better, gives me confidence when entering the curve, not to mention top speed, that is higher.

MEF: What advantage you supposed to be a pilot Repsol?

Mary: Thanks to Repsol I got a scholarship to formarme in the High Performance Centre in Sant Cugat del Vallés. There, during my studies 4th year and I also formed as an athlete. I am very grateful to have this opportunity.

MEF: Now we talk about studies, es evidente que todo piloto joven quiere llegar a ser profesional en este deporte y que le paguen por ello, but you're young and you must undergo training, What does being María Herrera in the future?

Mary: I love sports and I clearly want to continue in this world. My goal would be to finish a race Physiotherapy

MEF: How does Álvaro Bautista in your life?

Mary: Álvaro is very important to me. Besides being a great friend, helps me a lot in technical subjects, as drawn and other, also gives me advice concentration and coping according to situations. Since coming to Barcelona we are a little further apart, trained together since before the supermotard very commonly.

MEF: In Montmelo got your first points in the CEV, Tell us, How was?

Mary: The Montmelo race was hard, two races disputed, weather conditions were terrible and it did not quite find comfortable, so take my first eight points was significant.

MEF: We say that conseguías your first points you to become the first woman to win a race in the CEV how you feel?

Mary: Ha sido una carrera muy difícil, achieve victory has been very rewarding. I am aware of the importance of winning this race and hopefully help to push the female motorcycling within the speed.

MEF: Goals for the season 2013

Mary: The higher end of the possible table, being in the top five would feel very satisfied

We also spoke to J. Luis Carrión, Team leader and Emilio Alzamora, head of the Junior Team Estrella Galicia 0.0

MEF: J. Luis're with Mary from 2011 and together that year Pre-Moto3 Champion proclaimed in the Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship, How would you define your pilot?

J. Luis Carrión: Note that is very thin, just puts a strain on the chassis, and tires and has a very fast cornering.

MEF: Emilio,You see Mary prepared to face a World? Might we the possibility of a wildcar this year?

Emilio Alzamora: Mary has ability to learn quickly and basically work to understand the tuning. We must assess the evolution, but we will always do what is best for her, has clearly had a great race today and give us to think, but the priority now is to concentrate on the CEV.

Published 29/05/2013

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