Laia Sanz repeat gold in the XGames

Laia Sanz repite oro en los XGames

La incasable e incombustible piloto catalana se lleva el oro en los XGames celebrados en Barcelona en el día de hoy.

Few months ago, Laia Sanz traveled to Brazil to participate in his first XGames in the form of Enduro X. After a spectacular race getting take gold with a lot of advantage. After the experience and considering the XGames came to Barcelona, Laia could not miss.

This time is a bit more complicated career. In the first corner he ran into Carmen Segura and this led to seventh. In an incredible comeback, Laia was leading the race just three laps later, from there he began to take advantage bending and drivers, crossing the finish line in first position.

Adjectives that may exist fall short to describe this great woman. Laia gold will XGames Portugal to play tomorrow the second race of the World Enduro.

Laia Sanz: I started well but when I crashed I lost many positions and has cost me a lot to get up. It has been an incredible comeback, and he heard the shouts of the crowd and I've moved a lot. This is my second medal at X Games and me I can not believe. I am very happy.

Two other Spanish more involved in games, Sandra Gomez stood bronze in his first participation in the games and Carmen Segura also proved experience, ended ninth.

Published 18/05/2013

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