Paula Guixeras achieves fought ninth place

Paula_guixerasThe Catalan rolling after a first round alone and finishing in tenth place, has starred in a thrilling second race fighting for ninth place.

The Mora d'Ebre circuit hosted the final race of the Promo Cup 50cc Racc. A glass which is divided into two levels, Group A (Advanced) and B (initiation).

Paula Guixeras, tras marcar un tiempo de 1’04″3, conseguía meterse en el grupo A, I was composed of a total of thirteen pilots, partiendo de ese modo desde la decimoprimera posición de parrilla y siendo la única representante del equipo Metrakit-EPS en dicho grupo.

In the first race, performing a good start and first crossed the finish line, tenth. Position it comfortably rolled up after the race.

In the second race, also made a good start, but he made a mistake under braking at the end of straight and lost positions. Paula ran laps struggling to beat the predecessor pilot position, rolled very close to him on the straight and held his aspiration, al salir de la chicane, lo intentaba por fuera pero se le escapaba. With two laps to go, pilot, Tired of trying overtaking, reaccionó y probó por dentro, getting snatch the square and finish ninth.

Paula in his second year of competition and with a lower power bike the rest, fight as if he had been the fastest bike. The reasons why your bike is lower, It is because the team Metrakit-EPS, the limited, because their philosophy is learning and training, both pilots and mechanics, además de ofrecer un deporte limpio, where the differences really show pilot. Por ello junto a la Federació Catalana de Motociclismo, ofrecen becas, for anyone who wants to start in this world, have facilities and does so in a safe and fun way.

Paula and prepares the leap to 70cc, the follow closely in 2013.

Published 14/10/2012

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