Maria Herrera, Repsol female bet

María Herrera, la apuesta femenina de Repsol

Last 3 December already confirmed participation in the CEV María Herrera hand Emilio Alzamora. Today the Box Repsol made public by issuing a statement. The Madrid jovencísima, also got a place to play the Red Bull Rookies Cup, Championship which takes place alongside the world motorcycling.

Mary was born 26 August 1996 in Madrid, currently resides in Oropesa (Toledo). When asked when was the first time I got on a bike, you can check it really is something that was always with her, since your response is “I do not remember exactly, I did not know walking”.

His father, an avid motorcycle, conveyed to his two daughters passion for this sport without questioning the fact that they were girls. That's the attitude necessary to sexism runs in motorcycling and other sports, the day we just let our children do what they like and want and not what is supposed to be correct.

It all started when I was about six years, after having been almost a year behind the KTM 50 his sister bought one for her. The pilot has gone through all the categories offered by Cradle of Champions, He has participated in World Festival Metrakit doing great results and many other championships more, but 2011 was his year, Mediterraneo champion Speed ​​Championship was proclaimed in Pre-Moto3, I daresay, the first champion in history in that category, because it was last year when they began to play racing these bikes.

We talked a little with Mary his career and the assessment of their season 2011

MF: Haznos una valoración sobre tu palmarés

Mary: En los campeonatos en los que he participado, was not always everything perfect, cast breakdowns ruined many careers despite being the highest ranked or marching first. A little anecdote: three times the gear lever broke and in another the macaroon gasoline out, things have careers. Even so, more than forty-five podiums, fastest race laps and a few track record. Not to sound conceited, but only the final result of the championship is known and in many, I struggled to get butt, knowing you have options and that one reason or another you can not prove.

MF: ¿Cuál es la carrera de la que tienes mejor recuerdo?

Mary: En el 2010, the last race of the championship Cradle of Champions, which coincides with the global MOTOGP in Cheste (Valencia). I won the race ahead of Valentino, Pedrosa and Bautista, who were on the wall with the whole body and bawling out to cheer. I thoroughly enjoyed, They also put nearly fourteen seconds per second. I also enjoyed the last of Albacete, when I proclaimed champion, is amazing win.

MF: What is your favorite circuit? And the least favorite?

Mary: Sherry, I like it for her curves as fast and variety of layout. In general all have something nice: for each path, others facilities and always learn something new. But I like the fast. The asphalt itself is harder in some, you get the picture, no? – Mary answered smiling-

MF: ¿Qué valoración hace de la temporada 2011?

Mary: Ha sido una temporada en la que he aprendido mucho, work with such a professional team is very important. Never before had so many mechanics for me, we worked tuning the bike, everyone was very aware of what he was doing on the track and in the pits, we managed to be the fastest and win the championship. First three, a third and a second, it is not bad for a small town girl.

What happened in the case of Maria Herrera is very important for the female motorcycle speed, because for the first time in history a sponsor of the magnitude of Repsol is supporting a female in this world of men, support that are sure to know back more than.


2004- Cradle of Champions Minimotos 8th Classified
2005- Cuna de Campeones Minimotos 7ª Clasificada
World Festival Metrakit 1ª Fémina Clasificada
2006- Cuna de Campeones Mini GP 70cc 8ª Clasificada
Challenge 70cc Madrileño 3ª Clasificada
2007- Cuna de Campeones MiniGP 70cc 8ª Clasificada
World Festival Metrakit 1ª Fémina Clasificada
World Festival Metrakit 3ª Absoluta Clasificada
2008- Cuna de Campeones Mini GP 80XL 4ª Clasificada
2009- Cuna de Campeones PreGP 125cc 8ª Clasificada
2010- Cuna de Campeones PreGP 125cc 2ª Clasificada
2011- Campeonato Mediterráneo de Velocidad Pre-Moto3 1ª Clasificada


Published 23/02/2012

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