Elena Rosell “Just think of enjoying, learn and progress”

Elena Rosell  "Sólo pienso en disfrutar, aprender y progresar"

A few days ago broke the news, Elena Rosell pilot is honored to again make history becoming the first Spanish woman to participate in a Grand Prix World Championship. The Valencia next weekend will be uploaded on the bike the injured Julian Simon, Hand Aspar Team, at the legendary circuit of Assen. The Kawasaki pilot Palmetto received confirmation within hours of facing the third round of the CEV, held this weekend at Montmelo.

We had the pleasure to speak with Elena, despite the great movement of media that has been this weekend in the championship. To my surprise Tele5 to a camera hanging around the box of the Valencian.

M.F: ¿Quién se pone en contacto contigo para comunicarte el interés del Aspar Team?

E.r: Some time ago we looked at the option of being invited as wildcar in world, we had already offered some teams. It was a real surprise that it has finally been a team like Team Aspar which give me this opportunity, for me it's an honor to go global with them, plus a team of my land, Valencia

M.F: ¿Cómo afrontas la noticia?

E.r: With enthusiasm and eager, yet I am realistic, I know it will be difficult

M.F ¿Cuántos días has esperado la confirmación y cómo han sido esos días?

E.r: As they confirmed Thursday night, so two days have been very long, but it was worth

M.F: What do you think is going to be more complicated?

E.r: Really all, I do not know the bike, and circuit, but I face the challenge with great enthusiasm because I'm surrounded by very great professionals that will help me to make everything easier.

M.F: Have you started studying the circuit somehow, eg using the playstation, as we do all the pilots of World?

E.r: The truth is that no, this weekend playing career in the CEV and my team. And so my, such as respect for all the professionals around me, My thought now is only in the race tomorrow (The interview took place on Saturday after the timed)

M.F: Siendo realistas ¿qué resultado es el que te haría feliz?

E.r: I do not think results, I will enjoy, but mostly I learn everything I can. It is a privilege to receive tips Jorge Martinez Aspar or Gino Borsoi, I know this experience regardless of my result on track, will help me progress, which is really what I want

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Published 19/06/2001

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