Dedicated to Victoria Alcalá

Dedicado a Victoria Alcalá

Yesterday I received a very important news, Victoria Alcalá confirmed me recovery. Some time ago the pilot had some health problems that kept her away from the competeción. He recovered and looking forward to getting on a bike made him, with his team (Córdoba Heritage) deciding to participate in the CAV on a ZX6R, but returned to complications. All who know and love, expected is fantastic news.

Now I'm fine, I still work with doctors, but the thing is going well

When I said this, joy came over me and the question could only be

MF: Does that mean you'll do the CAV?

The. Alcalá: Yes, not me I could lose

And Happy, happy to know that we will see on track, happy because he will be happy and happy because I know the podium misses

By their struggle and effort to keep doing what he likes and why he is a champion, we will share with you something Almeria wrote in his day.


Half an hour before departure I start to get the monkey, my socks flowers, my white shirt with polka dots and boots colorines. There are only 15 minutes to leave, begin my stretching session, stretch every part of my body especially forearm,Directions and brake harder than others. Are strange times and try to stay out of the world, but it is difficult, some friend ask me, -What's up, Nerve?-. I answer nodding, I try not to talk too much not desconcentrarme. Time does not pass, there is still enough time for the race start, leave the box to the pit lane to look, I do not know that I look, but I go to look and discover that I am not the only, Also look out several drivers, all with a similar look, nervous, anxious to get YA! .

I wear a helmet and gloves, my mechanics look at me and give me a sign that everything is OK!. I get on the bike,r deep spiro and ripped the engine, pull the clutch, put 1 and lost slowly until I see the bike starts moving, put gaze and concentrated, yet lost. While I notice some pats on my shoulder, touches on the arm and back. Usually my mechanics, my father, my friends and Luis and Cristina, who are always with me at all times and that your way trying to tell me who are with me. I do not watch them, but they know that I've noticed, I appreciate it,and I need it. I usually go out moments before they close the access track, not spend much time in the sun broiling grill.

When I find my site, I look forward, na not I see more than asphalt and the background a right hander. I have no one in front, have a clear track, absolutely all are behind. The track is full of mechanical, Girl with umbrella and people. They take a minute banner, everybody outside grill, started out along the lines of the grid for the warm up lap or training.

I get to my site, would urge the bike two fingers behind the white line, I looked up and my world becomes a semaphore, accelerated heart begins, dry mouth me. Suddenly the light turns red, grit my teeth and breath cut me… It turns off, I have the adrenaline rush, my heart does not fit in the monkey, change to second, third, fourth and plays slow, Seeking a gap and decide to stop, where reason tells me that I have cast,and I notice one shot behind, not very strong, but just enough to make me forget that I have come last. Site and start looking like a desperate open gas, get to the next corner and start to visualize that go third, not bad at all, after someone has touched me me.

My heart starts beating normally, finally I have some saliva in the mouth. The handlebar is still there, no need to continue squeezing both, I begin to hear again the sound of the engines, I notice the air by the neck, and it is at this point that I feel as if my body does not belong to me, It is like a dream, It's hard to explain, fear of only a moment away completely to make way for an absolute satisfaction, I'm on a cloud, I'm enjoying, am…………….IN A CAREER.

Published 2/03/2011

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