I am very happy for having chosen as my sidekick

Estoy muy feliz por  haberla escogido como mi compañera de aventuras

Daphne is a hopeless ducastista. This almost obsessive preference for Ducati began with his first group outing, there he met for the first time with Ducati 749 and it was like love at first sight. He fell in love with the so stylized forms and so characteristic sound of the Italian brand.

Shortly after he suffered an accident in which he ran out bike and forcing him to spend three long months in rehab.

“Only had two options, forget the bikes or follow my heart”

He is now the proud owner of a Ducati 749, corsa red with fairings Marlboro.

“Since I have only just give me joy, It is very close, It is light and two cylinders “L” make the bike forward much security, which in turn makes you feel comfortable. It allows me to make countless mistakes without consequences. Sign alone in the curves, is a bullet if you squeeze, since their 103cv go far”

Daphne told me laughingly that Ducati749 no problem by routing, but his neck after 300km is shattered.

One of the flaws that Basque finds his bike and in general to the Ducati is the limited capacity of their deposits, something that forces you to constantly stop to refuel

Conducting the Ducati was made easy, where perhaps he found difficulty was to find the point the clutch.

“I can only say that we have managed to be a. Good vibes and feelings conveyed to me in road and track are amazing. I am very happy to have chosen as my sidekick”

Published 27/02/2011

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