3er Aniversario Racing Girls

3er Aniversario Racing Girls

Last 15 May Racing Girls met 3 years and to celebrate this weekend was organized, a roll in the circuit and as Alcarrás, every celebration has a dinner and party, but what and who the Racing Girls?

Racing Girls is a group of friends who share the same hobby, Motorbike. Racingirl is the administrator, founder and as the girls call “I took”. “When I started the bike I felt like a freak and thought for sure there were more girls somewhere” said Racingirl, so it sailing over his found “species” and that's how this Murcia with only 18 years and with the help of other girls founded the Girls Racing in order to gather all biker girls nationwide, but this does not stop there; “It is a space where girls feel comfortable and helped as they usually are girls who have friends with whom to share is love, who are retracted or just do not dare to ride the bike and once entering the forum realize that yes it is possible, that there is more biker girls and they do have to share your hobby and that we love” Alex explained me smiling one of the moderators of the forum.

Today there 656 registered which 150 are active Racing Girls. Beth, another moderator explained to me that's one of the things that must be controlled forum, as there are people who register just to get merchandising, people who just go to create controversy and even guys that have come to pass for girl.

Despite being a place created for women male registrations are also accepted, but they must meet very specific rules, in its Discover the wall must report their marital status, age, bike and a photo naked to be seen face, but really the most important rule is respect to each of the Racing Girls, the slightest rudeness may be grounds for a warning or even expulsion from the forum.
Lady, one of the most senior Forero, I expressed the feeling of maximum Racing Girl, how the sharing the love of motorcycle, makes the girls do meetups to enjoy their mounts and end up creating bonds of friendship which eventually ends up sharing everything, leaving to go on a bike, without moto, Dining, eat, talk fashion, Cosmetic, personal problems and joys.
So does Lorelay another Forero, who makes barely a year that has bike and that made me feel the essence of Racing Girls when I explained that belong to this group had changed his life, has new friends and that has generated a lot of motivation in it; “With just one week to have my bike and being a Girl Racing made my first meetup and reception and understanding I received from the outset was magnificent, They never showed any problems because I was slow or unable to do certain things, upside down have always given me their support and best advice and that was what made me stay in Racing Girls and not seek other groups”. In addition Lorelay debuted as circuitera on the anniversary and is was his feeling: ” It was incredible, has nothing to do with the road. I am super slow road and gives me the feeling that not advance because you have to be aware of everything and here everything is easier, all, are the people who passes you, impresses, but you just have to trust that if you forward is because they know how”, thus the question of whether repeat responded one “Of course” unhesitatingly.

While talking to them and watching the girls were rolling can see that there, or age, or marital status, no weight, nor height that keeps you bring a bike, that these are only topical and disadvantages generated by the company, a macho society, in which the woman slowly makes its way to the end of this road is motorcycling. All I expressed his enthusiasm for the creation of a national women drink while showing his disappointment at the lack of interest shown by sponsors to create the championship. To all we are left with the hope that some woman comes to the world and open up the door.
Racing Girls will have a booth at the event “Woman, vive la moto” to be held on 12 June at the Parc del Forum in Barcelona, to support the relationship woman- moto and to be known among the lovers females engine.

So if you're a girl and you love motorcycles, Girls do not hesitate Racing is your group, I'm already one,
Thanks to everyone s for a great weekend and for your cooperation in this article, Article that maybe nobody ever read, but my fills me with satisfaction to talk about the relationship between women- motion, a relationship which I hope to do something in the future.

Published 24/05/2010

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