Victoria Alcalá, the first woman to win a mixed championship speed

Victoria Alcalá, la primera mujer en ganar un campeonato mixto de velocidad

Just over three years ago, one night, apoltronada en el sofá haciendo zapping, appeared before me a girl with long curly hair, with mischievous look and Andalusian accent. It was presented as Victoria Alcalá, winning the Andalusian Speed ​​Championship (CAV). I could not believe what I was seeing, woman!!, sprinter!!, champion!! And unknowingly!!. Thanks to that night of boredom and Victoria, I decided that that information was important and that people should know that there are women who get on a bike to be the fastest. Thus, it was like after a few months created Estuve algún tiempo buscando información sobre esta young, but my attempts were futile. I finally contacted her. In a way V. Alcalá is the raison d'être of this blog and therefore this article is special to me.

Victoria Alcalá nació el día de hoy hace diecisiete años en Almería. Actualmente y desde que se inició en el mundo del motorcycling, forma parte del equipo Cordova Heritage, directed by Luis Castro.

A los seis años se rose en una moto de cross of 50cc y pasado un año empezó a competir en el Campeonato Andaluz de Motocross a 65cc, this was in 2001, but come 2004 tuvo la oportunidad de try out an minigp y sin dudarlo cambió rápidamente la tierra por el asfalto.

En velocidad los resultados mejoraron considerably and 2007 came his most important moment. Empezó a correr el CAV Pregp125 Hand Luis Castro and the same year he won the title.

“It was an honor for me, I won with the support of all, especially my team, We are like a family. We had a hard, was not easy, but with effort, work and earn, we get”

The following years were we so successful due to falls and fractures.

La piloto se entrena diariamente en el gimnasio y le like jugar a fell y hacer bicicleta de montaña. On the bike, como tantos otros pilotos de elite de la velocidad, utiliza el motocross, modality that helps you improve your endurance braking.

To 2011 Victoria asciende de categoría y rodará con una Kawasaki ZX6R, its goal is to adapt to the bike as soon as possible and try to be as close as possible to the front of the race and why not, the podium on occasion. I have wanted since the start of the season to follow this young pilot I hope and pray give us many joys.

La almeriense ya cuenta con el apoyo y confianza de sponsors ¿Porqué será?…..

Published 16/12/2010

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