Uxía “I wanted something unusual”

Uxía "Quería algo fuera de lo común"

This Galician based in Madrid owns a beautiful Triumph Daytona 675 SE.

Having gained experience with other bikes Uxía decided to buy a sports bike which is what I always wanted.

I wanted a bike that had no worldwide, a bike that draw the attention when he passed on the street, something unusual and loved Daytona, but I wanted something more special, black and golden SE”

After going from bank to bank and to seek and dig second hand bikes, Ramona appeared, as she calls, although it seems a strange name for an English girl.

The first time I got to it, I was a little nervous ... It was raining, It was almost dark and I took almost two years without riding motorbikes, because he had been living abroad for reasons of curro, but was getting on and spend all evil. Each meter touring together, I had the feeling that had brought life

The driving position is very radical, but is very docile and seem to go on a rail. At first I slept pretty dolls, but it is something that slowly passes.
It has incredible bass, and when you go from 8 many turns, seems to carry a missile between the legs. Another thing I love, retains the engine is greatly, so by releasing gas at "normal" speed is hardly any need to curb.

I love his aesthetic, I like it a little seen and exclusive bike and I really enjoy driving it. I still have a lot to learn, took her three months, doing outputs, going with her to work until we went together to rally against the guardrails, algo que me ha hecho mucha ilusión. I think the following will be a course in circuit to get us the best match each other.”

Published 4/12/2010

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Brand: Triumph

Model: Daytona 675

Year: 2009

Motor: DOHC 3 cylinders, 4 time, 12 valves, Liquid cooling

Displacement: 675cc

Diameter career: 74,0 x 52,3 mm x 3

Compression: 12,65:1

Power: 128 CV

By: 7.45 City

Feed: Digital electronic injection

Start: Electric motor

Clutch: Multidisc in oil bath

Substitution: 6 relations

Secondary transmission: Sealed Chain

Chassis Type: Cast aluminum perimeter, suspended engine

Tipper: Cast aluminum, double arm

Geometry: 23,9° 89,1 mm

Front suspension: Kayaba inverted fork 41 mm, multiajustable 3 pathways

Rear suspension: Kayaba shock absorber multiadjustable 3 pathways

Front brake: 2 Discs 308 mm, Nissin radial calipers 4 pistons

Back brake: 1 disk 220 mm, tongs 1 piston

Tires: 120/70 x 17” and 180/55 x 17”

Empty weight: 162 kg

Overall length: 2.010 mm

Wheelbase: 1.392 mm

Seat height: 825 mm

Fuel: 17.4 l

Price: 11.295 €

Warranty: 2 years old

Importer: Triumph Motorcycles Spain S.L..

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