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Disputada la tercera prueba del Campeonato de España para las chicas del CEV Leave a comment Read more »

Disputed the third round of the Championship of Spain for girls CEV

The Circuito de Albacete has been commissioned to celebrate the third round of the CEV. Maria Herrera, who started from seventh place, threw very strong from the start and came rolling in podium positions for six laps, hasta que algún problema

Alessia Polita "No muevo las piernas, pero quiero volver a correr" Leave a comment Read more »

Alessia Polita “Do not move the legs, but I want to re-run”

First statements of the Italian rider and reasons of the accident. After the hell I lived these days, Alessia is optimistic and not throw in the towel, something that shows great courage and courage in their statements. “Do not move your legs, but I still want to run” Parole

Beatriz Neila se queda fuera del podio por una caída Leave a comment Read more »

Beatriz Neila gets off the podium for a fall

Madrid is dropped two corners from the finish and stays off the podium. This weekend is a disputed the fourth round of Castilian Leonés Championship at the Circuit de Karpetania. Beatriz Neila llegaba tras haberse subido al podio en

Beatriz Neila cada vez más cómoda en la Cuna de Campeones Leave a comment Read more »

Beatriz Neila becoming more comfortable time in the Cradle of Champions

Madrid gets a fifth and sixth place in the Circuit Karpetania. Este fin de semana se disputaba sexta prueba de la Cuna de Campeones. Beatriz was classified from seventh on the grid for. En la primera manga realizó una buena salida y en el

Ana Carrasco presenta batalla en el GP de Catalunya Leave a comment Read more »

Ana Carrasco presents Battle at the GP of Catalunya

Murcia has spent more than half the race fighting with Baldassarri, once he escaped, He fought with the group running twenty-second. This weekend Ana Carrasco to the second world finals faced at home, stage, Circuit of Catalonia. Como cada

¿Quién es Alessia Polita? Leave a comment Read more »

Who is Alessia Polita?

The Italian rider suffered yesterday in a serious accident at Misano Circuit, while training Superstock disputed 600 the fifth round of the Italian Speed ​​Championship. But who is Alessia Polita? For a quick definition would, the…

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