2013, Historic year for women's motorcycling

2013, Año histórico para el motociclismo femenino

Year 2013 is nearing completion and will inevitably look back and remember all the great times we have experienced this year in women's motorcycling.

Ana_Carrasco_MUNDIAL2013_Cheste (4)Start with Ana Carrasco that is the higher level is. Mother debuted in March 2013 in World Championship as the first woman to compete in the category Moto3. Murcia largely ending championship between the 25th and 19th place was passed, presenting great battles that showed that at any moment would blow on the table to show the talent he has. And so it was, the 13 October 2013, in Sepang, one of the toughest tracks on the calendar, Mother I was to limit fighting for 14th place, but eventually finished 15th, taking his first point and into history as the first Spanish in scoring and the fourth woman to get. But Mother He is a champion and has shown no settling for that achievement, as they arrive to the next test, Phillip Island (Australia), got 7th place on the grid, his best finish on grill of the season. After the starting gun rolled the first laps with the leading group, but a problem of tire took the 19th place. The Asian tour was over and the World came home to put the finishing touch and often brooch… The pilot then Team Calvo, made the audience rose from their seats, aplaudieran y se emocionaran cada vez que su casco rosa era visible Mother conquistó el Ricardo Tormo with a fantastic 8th place ranking it as the second highest ranked woman in the world. A debut of the stature of a champion.

Maria_Herrera_CEV2013_Navarra_6Maria Herrera…. What a year!!! I vividly remember an interview he did just before the season started telling me that finishing in the top five would feel very satisfied and so it has been, mission accomplished!. After this answer, laughing, I asked, How many podiums need Mary? and he replied Many! (Laughter). But the truth is that it has not been, Mary It has only been on the podium three times out of nine possible, but the two victories and has shown great regularity during the season, made to arrive at the final race leader, who would tell us to us that month of May, chatted while sitting on a staircase Circuit-Barcelona Catalonia, This year we were dreaming of a Champion of Spain. Repasemos… After two dificilísmas sleeves in the rain Montmelo, the CEV Repsol reached Motorland and there under criticism from some for what happened in the grid, He claimed his first victory, a moment I will never forget, finally could see on television the great piloting Mary, its elegance, how to enter the curve to let the bike run and the amount of “photons” which has left us. That victory gave him as a reward debut in the World in the same plot, It was not a good weekend for Mary, but this was not their goal. To clarify situations and prove his worth, two races after, Oropesa returned to the top of the podium in Navarre, sneak up few laps, in an incredible double overtake end of the straight. You may like a pilot than another, but now everyone is Mary Herrera. Came the very important final of the championship and two sleeves Valencia, the first was hard and finished 5th but the second managed to get into his head and finish with a 2nd place that gave leadership… What had not happened all year, happened in Sherry, Mary he went down in the last race, but behind the tears of helplessness, came the smile of someone satisfied with his work and has proven that dreams are possible. It is certainly our Champion Spain 2013.

Elena_Rosell_CEV2013_JerezIf we continue nationwide, less fortunate have been Elena Rosell and Sara Sánchez, those with many difficulties have finished the championship as they have been. Elena reached the CEV after failing to repeat in the World, to contest category STK600 wrapped en el Bruno Performance a Kawasaki. But the constant problems between the bike and paste competition not let Elena shine as he deserved. A couple of races later got climb a Moto2 with the Motium Racing Team, but the story was not over and Sara_Sanchez_CEV2013_Navarrafinished the championship again which was always home, the Palmeto Racing a Suter. We hope that Elena can get stability for the 2014 and that we can see where it deserves fighting.

Sara Sánchez, its goal this year was to learn and certainly learned a lot, but the means by which the Catalan pilot had were not enough to show its talent. It is a shame that next year we can not see Sara doing what he likes.

Sara_Román_SubcampeonaCYL2013Of Sánchez we turn to the Romanian. Because if someone has shone at regional level, that is Sara Romanian, Runner Minimotos in Castilla y León, with some impressive numbers, eleven podiums, two wins, six seconds posts, three third and five poles, they just escaped two. Impeccable Season!. We can not be without Sara Román!

At the regional level there have been many things like the first podium Beatriz Neila, Paqui Herraez and Rocio Gomez in Cradle of Champions, that of Andrea Sibaja in CAV, that of Noelia Keys in CMV or of Paola Ramos in Catalan Cup of ANPA.

I would also like to mention Jenny TINMOUTH the only woman contesting the BSB and this year became the first to score in the championship.

LAIA_SANZ_XgamesBCN2013_sliderIf we look at other ways, could highlight the double world title Laia Sanz in Enduro and Trial, with that of KH7 sum 15 world titles and what to add three gold medals and one silver medal won in the XGames. The proclamation of Gabriela Seisdedos as Motocross Champion Spain the Irene Almendros in Enduro, mode in which the jovencísma Aida Castro is devastating. The Subcampenato Trial of Nations for the Spanish team, comprising Mireia Conde, Elisabeth Solera and Sandra Gómez, who is doing great results in Trial and Super Enduro worldwide and who also also has a bronze in the XGames. Sara García Champion Féminas in Vespa Raid Maroc...

As event of the year, clearly, the Women’s Road Racing Training Camp made in Albacete hand FIM Women in Motorcycling, a place where we could meet new pilots that I will be presenting soon.

The woman is in motorcycling is obvious, the important thing is that they are, do well and are overcome every day not only for their own triumphs, but to show the world that yes you can, something that is helping significantly to quarry is believed, that much needed, so thank you all for being brave, to be large, to fight and make us dream, thanks for being as you are, CHAMPIONS.

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